Right Molecule

Annie Sewell has had a lifelong passion for healthcare.

In late 2020, she started IV hydration to optimize her own health. “I really loved it. It did a great deal for me. As an athlete, my recovery times were accelerated, and my ability to relax greatly improved.”

One day, while she was driving to Durango for treatment, she wondered why Pagosa Springs didn’t have a hydration lounge of its own…and Right Molecule was born.

But, it would be two years before her own business would launch. “It was a long process,” she explains. “Being nurse owned, I had to first establish a medical practice and find a medical director. I took a ton of continuing education classes and earned several certifications. There was a long legal process too, but through it all, I had a great team.”

At some point along the way, a friend asked her if she’d connected with the SBDC. “I’d never heard of them, but thankfully, I got in touch. They connected me with Rich Lindblad, who was amazing. He gave me tons of time and lots of excellent feedback and counsel. He helped me with my business plan and taught me how my financials worked. Best of all, he directed me to Region 9, who was super generous in giving me a loan.”

Once she secured the funding, Annie needed a location. She started working out of a chiropractor’s office, which gave her great visibility. However, soon it became apparent that she needed a space with a little more privacy. Now, she rents an office in Lush Beauty Lounge, which is working out fabulously.

“I absolutely love it! I’m also set up to do mobile visits, but so far, there hasn’t been much demand for that service. Most clients prefer to come to the office.” Currently, Right Molecule offers intravenous hydration and nutrition injectables, along with three lines of supplements.

Now that the first year is behind her, Annie’s focus for 2024 is to start reaching her financial goals. The first year of opening any business includes a lot of expenses, so year two is a great time to start focusing on profitability.

Looking forward, Annie hopes to expand her clinic to include a partnership with other practitioners. “I’m really passionate about optimizing health and finding ways to blend alternative and allopathic healthcare. I see tremendous value in the crossover—I love the idea of a blend.” She is already starting the process of establishing a health group to meet this need.

After her first year in business, Annie realizes she still has a lot of growth ahead, but she also recognizes how far she’s come. She encourages other entrepreneurs, “Really, really make sure you understand your financials before you launch. Often, we small business owners are good at doing our business, but we don’t know much about running our business. Financials are critical.”

If you’re interested in learning more about IV hydration to optimize your own health, give Annie a call. She is passionate about her work and would love to chat with you!

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