Thank you for taking the time to fill out this short survey. This information is CRITICAL to the continuation of our funding. Please help us continue to be able to offer our services by completing the short (3-minute) survey below at your earliest convenience. Estimates are fine and all information is aggregated and kept completely confidential. No individual business data is ever shared.

If you are a repeat client or long term client of SBDC and have reported impact previously, please only report on any new impact since the last time you reported.

If you have any questions or would rather report impact via telephone, please reach out to Mary Shepherd at 970-903-9311. 

Business Demographics

Part A: COVID Emergency Funding Impact

If you received COVID-19 related emergency assistance funds, please complete Part A. Otherwise, if you are reporting general business impacts (business start, capital investment/financing, jobs created or retained, sales growth, and contracts), please complete Part B. 

Working with and through the assistance of the Southwest SBDC, did you:

Part B: General Business Assistance Impact

Please report all general business assistance impact here. You do not need to repeat any numbers you entered in Part A. 

Working with and through the assistance of the Southwest SBDC, did you:

If you started your business and are working there full/part time YOU are considered an employee!
If a business purchase, please include employees already working that will remain employed with you.
If you check yes, please identify the date, source, and amount received below.
If multiple sources, please include the breakdown above.
Please identify the source and the amount received below.
For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 89

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